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Can you make money with drone stock photography?

By: Danny Garcia (@danmiami), Founder at FlyingLenz.com

It’s always great to see one of your drone photographs making people smile, but it’s something else when the media outlet decides to publish it! The other morning, I woke up to an alert in my email box that my user name had made the news. It was something to do with the travel industry, and when I opened the link I found that thrillist.com had licensed one of my photos to feature it along with an article about Disney cruise lines.

Drone photography by FlyingLenz.com founder and principal drone photographer, Danny Garcia (@danmiami).

– thrillist.com – November 2021

Make Money With Stock Photography?

For many years now I have been submitting some of my older photos to stock photography sites, like ShutterStock. I have not really made a huge effort to upload many photos to stock sites like this, but perhaps I will look at adding more as time allows. After all, there are many photographers who make “mailbox money” with stock photography. I can share that one of my photos is from a personal trip to Chicago. I did not think it would be my “top performer” on this platform, but it is still paying me with over 100 downloads of that one image alone.

The drone photo that was used is listed on ShutterStock as “editorial”. Editorial means that the image is used to illustrate a newsworthy event or to depict subjects of human interest – such as travel in this case. If you are looking to make money from stock photography, please consider using my referral link here.

If you are looking to download stock photography, take a look at my profile here and let me know if you are looking for something in particular! I have tens of thousands of images and videos from around the world in my archives.

Thank you again to Thrillist News Staff Writer Janae Price (@janae_larie) for selecting my photograph for this article!

Danny Garcia is the artist behind the scenes at FlyingLenz.com. He moved to Miami, Florida in 1988 from Los Angeles, California where he became known on social networks as “@DanMiami” and @FlyingLenz. Danny is now based in Marietta, Georgia, and is an experienced world traveler who is available for assignments globally.