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Zillow video upload support is ending. Here is why.

Zillow® recently announced that the Videos on Zillow® listings is scheduled for retirement by the end of 2022. Zillow® is now giving priority to Zillow® 3D Home, a virtual tour and interactive floor plan solution that lets buyers and renters virtually explore a home at their own speed.

Click to read the Four Reasons that a Zillow® 3D Tour is Worth Buying.

As a Zillow® Certified Photographer, we are happy to help you capture and create virtual tours and interactive floor plans for your listings. Here is what one looks like:

When Zillow video upload support ends, can you still show videos? YES – here is how!

Listing agents can still upload video links to the MLS. Zillow® will pick up the video link and display it under the Facts and features section of the listing detail page.

Four Reasons that a Zillow® 3D Tour is Worth Buying

In a word – you get a huge marketing push!

1. Each time a new listing is added to Zillow® with a 3D Tour, the listing gets premium placement in search results on the Zillow® site for the first seven days that the listing is active.

2. When you have a Zillow® 3D Tour, they will send special email pushes to home shoppers for that area prompting them to view listings with 3D Tours.

3. If you have looked at the Zillow® map, you may have seen a special red 3D Tour badge that helps listings stand out on both the Zillow® and Trulia® maps.

4. Finally, home shoppers on Zillow® can filter their search by properties that only have 3D Tours. Including a Zillow® 3D Home Tour helps your listing gain more visibility when people narrow their search!

See a live sample Zillow® 3D Tour with Floor Plan.

Zillow Video Upload Support Ends. Order a Zillow 3D Tour with Floor Plan.
Order a Zillow® 3D Home Tour with Floor Plan