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Atlanta Real Estate Drone Photography and Aerial Video Services are provided by FlyingLenz. Professional drone photography services for real estate, construction, developers, and more. We serve all areas in the State of Georgia.

Why Use Drone Photography in Atlanta?

High quality photography or videos of real estate provide potential buyers a different perspective of a home or business. Many real estate agents have noticed that listings with drone photos and videos combined with professional interior footage will help sell properties faster. Although most drone photography is associated with luxury homes and high-value commercial businesses, aerial photography can help highlight often overlooked features and amenities of many properties – regardless of value.

In Atlanta, you will oftentimes find foliage will obstruct the view of the property. A drone can be maneuvered into locations providing a unique view of a residence or commercial building. Drone photos are often used to show proximity to other points of interest as discussed in the next section.

How Atlanta Real Estate Drone Photography Works

Decision #1: Do you need photos, videos or both?

Photos – if you want an overview to highlight the proximity to downtown Atlanta, Lake Lanier, Ponce City Market, or access to a nearby highway in Roswell or Alpharetta, aerial photographs are a great choice.

Videos – for an an eye-catching overview of residential or commercial property, to show driving directions, or to demonstrate how a buyer or renter may see themselves on the property, a video may be better.

Now that you have decided what you want, you will also need to decide how you want them. If you are going to edit the photos and videos yourself, you may be able to save some money. But, if you don’t know how to do it or don’t have a staff to do this for you, outsourcing the editing should be considered. Keep this in mind when you get pricing for drone photography and any package pricing that might be available.

Decision #2 – What is your budget?

Pay a professional drone photographer based on their time and skill – not the size or value of a property!

Drone photography and video pricing should not be based on the value or size of the real estate parcel. When you hire a professional drone photographer, you are paying for their time and skill to do the job you hired them to do. As a homeowner or realtor hiring a drone photographer, you should budget to pay a drone pilot for at least one hour per home (single family residence). The same can be said for or smaller commercial property locations, outparcels, or land up to approximately 5 acres.

The rate for qualified, certified, and insured drone pilots in Georgia is $200 per hour.


First, you need to hire a qualified photographer who has experience behind the lens. If everyone bought a $3,000 camera, does that make them qualified to use it? Do they know anything about composition and lighting? As you can tell, simply buying an expensive drone for photography does not make anyone a professional. We strongly recommend hiring a drone photographer with verifiable photography experience.


All drone pilots producing images for you must have a drone pilot certification issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Make certain that the certification looks like the one shown below and take a moment to check its validity on the FAA web page. Hiring an unlicensed drone pilot puts you at risk for fines and liability. You can be liable for property damage, personal injury and privacy rights claims. The FAA has issued civil fines over $25,000 and criminal fines up to $250,000!

Example FAA Part 107 Certification


Buyer beware! You should ask for a copy of the drone flight liability insurance and ask them if you could be named as an additional insured too!

  • Would you go to a doctor knowing they did not carry malpractice insurance?
  • Would you hire someone to do work in your home that does not carry insurance?
  • What happens if someone gets hurt or property is damaged?

FlyingLenz provides verifiable general liability and property damage insurance for all photography assignments. This not only protects us, but it protects you as well.

Drone real estate photography

Be careful who you hire!

When you hire us, you are not just hiring an Atlanta drone photographer, you hire a professional. The principal drone pilot at FlyingLenz has over ten years of photography experience and has been flying drones since 2013. He has created drone photography and video all over the US, and in several foreign countries including New Zealand.

Decision #3 – Usage Rights (Licensing)

Generally, you can post the content created for you to the web, social media channels, real estate web sites, etc. The usage rights (licensing) terms should be clearly defined in your licensing agreement and invoice. As a point of reference, we have general terms available here, but license for your footage is negotiable for every assignment.

Professional photographers issue licenses for you to use the photos and videos they capture for them. For example, let’s say you want to use drone photos on print advertising. We will issue you a usage license for this. Let’s say you also want to use the photos on a web site – we will issue you a usage license for this as well. In the case of a video tour of a property, we can license the video and music for you as well.

How soon can drone photos and videos be done?

With the way the real estate market is moving, we understand you need photos and videos quickly. For Atlanta Real Estate Drone photography, absent adverse weather conditions, a restricted flight location and other factors, we can turnaround unedited photos and videos within a few hours of the drone flight. The turnaround time for edited photos and videos varies with each assignment, but we can usually deliver within a few days of a scheduled photoshoot. It is best to discuss your deadline with us at the time of booking to ensure an on-time delivery.

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