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Georgia Drone Photography Services

Drone photography and video services are available throughout the State of Georgia.

This gallery contains some of the more famous landmarks in Georgia. The drone photography shown below is mainly from Atlanta, but services are available statewide. You can find our primary service areas here. You will find some drone photos in Savannah, and Helen, GA. In addition, I have an extensive collection of pictures in our online gallery from my time in Miami. 

Beneath the gallery is a drone video gallery. As you will see, we cater to what the client wants. Let us know what you need, and we will create it!

Aerial photography has always given us a different perspective of the world around us. The affordability of drones has put aerial photography and video services in the hands of many unskilled pilots and amateurs.

Georgia drone photography is more than just buying a drone and taking pictures. Hiring the right person as your drone pilot is an important decision. Photographers must do drone photos and videos for real estate sales or special events like a proposal or wedding the right way. The fact is that not everyone knows what they are doing behind the lens. To help you make an informed decision, I wrote a blog post with five things to consider when hiring a drone photographer for your project.