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Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging real estate photography is available.

Same-day virtual staging for real estate photography!

Virtual Staging Example

We offer same-day service for real estate photos of vacant rooms – even if you did not shoot with us!

Virtual staging of homes is now available with same-day service. We can work with photos we took for you you, or you can supply photos that were taken by another photographer. Place an order before 2:00 PM EST for same-day turnaround for just $25.99* per photo!

Need 360 photos staged? We can handle that as well, just contact us!

*This pricing is for completely vacant rooms! If you require item removal, please contact us for pricing.

Virtual staging is a great way to present your property as it could be, which helps potential buyers emotionally connect with the space. This type of digital presentation costs just about nothing when compared against physical stager fees that can easily range into thousands of dollars for large properties or homes that need extensive work done before they’re displayed at their best light without risk of damaging the property!

If you want maximize its effectiveness there are some things worth knowing – unlike hard-dollar based efforts like moving furniture around in different rooms then setting up elaborate decorations, virtual decorating tools allow homeowners ultimate flexibility where all adjustments happen seamlessly on screen giving them total control over the furniture, d├ęcor, and design!